Artist Statement

Time lapse of drop painting for the castle for The Vampire!

Theatre and exhibit designs are powerful. They have the ability to affect people in profound ways. Having the opportunity to participate in such an impactful art form—one that can inspire dialogue, change, and self-reflection—is a privilege.

Just as a poet uses words, the designer uses visual terms to express the story, to make the audience sense the story on another level. When approaching a design, I always start with the initial concept or script. Understanding why this piece is important to create now, and knowing the target audience informs the research, and ultimately the design. Dialogue with the entire creative team can also help inspire ideas, and it is important in keeping the entire product cohesive.

Personally, I have a strong desire to constantly learn new ideas and concepts, and I hope to instill my desire for the arts and learning in others. The idea that we are never done learning inspires me to constantly try new techniques. Working with fellow collaborators to experiment and explore ideas, challenging previous ideas and concepts to create art is fulfilling and exciting. It inspires me to keep creating.

I am reminded daily how exciting and engaging art and design can be by watching children experience the world around them. Having two young children at home, as well as working with many young adults, I am blessed with the opportunity to experience things with a sense of magic, awe, and wonder that is often lost as we age. These experiences remind me to find those moments for myself and unleash my imagination through exploration and research into the techniques and choices of peers, fellow designers, and those who have come before me.

“Knowing reality but ignoring it through imagination, is the simple unifying possibility offered by theater. That is the fundamental thing being shared. The huge, vast landscape of the imagination. We must not underestimate this. It (theater) won’t work without it.” - Garland Wright